Denham Springs lies within Livingston Parish, Louisiana, and is a fast-growing part of the Baton Rouge area. Downtown Denham Springs consists of various and varied forms of antique dealers, earning the title of Denham Springs Antique Village. The city of Denham Springs has an annual Mardi Gras Parade, and it also hosts Springfest on the last Saturday in April. Denham Springs is the largest area of both commercial and residential development in the entirety of Livingston Parish, and it’s the only parish municipality that is classified as a city.


The original land claims of John Noblet and Alexander Hogue make up what is now the older sections of Denham Springs, including the first residential and business districts of the city. In 1828, William Denham from Wilkinson County, Mississippi married Mercy Hogue (the daughter of Alexander Hogue) and, three months later, purchased the 640 acres originally claimed by his father-in-law for $1,350.
Denham Springs, Louisiana is situated at the intersections of US 190 and Interstate 12, with LA Hwy 16 acting as the major north-south artery in western Livingston Parish. The city is also located on the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, a line that played an enormous role in its early development. Ground-water springs that come to the surface, located at the base of the low-lying ridge that runs through the center of the city, have figured in the city’s name since at least the 1850s.